University & College Partnerships

Let's work together!

Every Nurse Practitioner educational program we’ve connected with has one BIG issue.

“It’s becoming very difficult to find good clinical preceptors and placements for our students.”

And students have the same complaint:

“It’s impossible to find sites that will accept me. With my work schedule, study schedule, and taking care of my family needs, when will I find the time to secure a rotation by myself?”

Furthermore, we understand that competition in the NP space is very high right now. And, we expect the need for NPs to only become greater in the coming years.

This is precisely why we designed this program – to meet the needs of universities to ensure student retention, growth, and success.

Our hand-selected rotations and streamlined system for your students fills the void that exists currently. Additionally, we can integrate directly with your institution and offer your students a more catered service with flexible hours, amazing rotations, and support throughout the entire process!

A list of the few benefits working with us:

  • No up-front or residual cost to the school or program
  • School staff will spend their time executing more important activity. This saves time and money for you, the school.
  • Both the preceptor and clinical rotation application will be accurately submitted to you for review.
  • Clinical rotation site selection and student on-boarding process is executed by our team.
  • Students will graduate on time and not worry about being delayed because of a lack of clinical sites.